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American Stainless Tubing, Inc (ASTI) manufactures its ornamental structural stainless steel tubing to ASTM Specification A-554, which covers round, square, rectangular, and specialty shaped stainless steel tubing for use in mechanical applications where appearance, mechanical properties, or corrosion resistance is necessary.

American Stainless Tubing, Inc. is the paramount ornamental stainless steel tubing mill in the United States. ASTI offers the widest range of rounds, squares, rectangles, and special shapes (including elliptical and flat oval) and the most diverse, highest quality mechanical surface finishes available from any stainless steel tubing mill, worldwide.

ASTI has built its “Stainless Reputation” around the “Marine Grades” T-304, T-304 L, and T-316 L — because of their time and field-tested resistance to corrosion. ASTI has secured that reputation because of unequaled quality.

ASTI manufactures each length of tubing, whether it has an as-welded (2B) finish or ASTI’s patented Linear Buff, as if it were ultimately going into service in The Statue of Liberty or on a Billionaire‘s yacht. Because they do!

ASTI  Products

Round Tubing :  0.500” thru 5.000”
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Square Tubing :  0.375 ” thru 4.000”
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Elliptical Tubing :  0.240” x 0.745“ thru 1.800“  x  2.000“
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Rectangular Tubing :  0.250” x 0.500” thru 2.500“ x 4.000“
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Flat Oval Tubing :  0.307” x 0.949” thru 2.250“ x 3.425“
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Specially Shaped Tubing :

American Stainless Tubing, Inc. also has tooling to manufacture numerous special shapes.

ASTI will work with your engineers and designers to produce other non–standard shapes. ASTI has produced and will continue to make stainless steel tubing products tailor-made for your applications.

We welcome the opportunity to help you make your product more functional and more visually appealing.

ASTI  Gauges  —  Target Wall Thickness

Thickness (IN)
Thickness (MM)
22 .028 .61
20 .033 .84
18 .048 1.22
16 .060 1.52
14 .079 2.01
13 .095 2.41
12 .105 2.67
11 .113 2.87

Surface Finishes Available

As-Welded (2B) All Sizes and Shapes
180 Grit All Sizes and Shapes
240 Grit All Sizes and Shapes
320 Grit All Sizes and Shapes
Super – Buff All Sizes in the Round. Elliptical Profiles are buffed in the round and subsequently shaped
ASTI Linear – Buff Outside Diameters from 7/8“ thru 2 1/2“ Available for Round Tubing only.
ASTI Linear Grit Polish Outside Diameters from 1/2” thru 2” Available for Round Tubing only.

Stainless Steel Grades Available

Typical  Chemistry

316-L .035% Max 16-18% 10-15% Molybdenum 2-3%Manganese 2%Phosphorus .04%Silicon 1%Sulfur .03%   Fe : Balance
304-L .035% Max 18-20% 8 – 11 % Manganese 2%Phosphorus .04%Silicon 1%Sulfur .03% Fe : Balance
304 .08% Max 18-20% 8-11% Manganese 2%Phosphorus .04%Silicon 1%Sulfur .03% Fe : Balance
*201 .15% Max 16-18% 3.5- 5.5% Manganese 5.5-7.5%Phosphorus .06%Silicon 1%Sulfur .03%   Fe : Balance
*Available in a limited number of shapes and wall thickness. Please confer with your Inside Customer Service Representative. We’re always willing to listen!

Cut-to-Length and Long Length Options

American Stainless Tubing, Inc. strives to help its customers eliminate unnecessary waste (scrap) and improve their manufacturing efficiencies. ASTI can cut your tubing to your specific length, essentially, to offer a near finished part. Or, you may ask to have your tubing cut to an optimum length, to be re-cut in your facility, to eliminate or reduce scrap and to save on cutting charges if ASTI were to offer more exact tolerances. ASTI can also offer you the option to take your stainless steel tubing in longer than standard lengths to help you eliminate costly welding and clean-up of,the additional welds.

Please ask your Inside Customer Service Representative for details on how ASTI’s cutting options can save you time and money.

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