Here is a list of products offered by companies that we represent. Click on the title or image to view the complete list of products. Please feel free to contact each company directly. I am always available to answer any question you have or to render any assistance that you may need. Thank you for allowing me to be of service to you and your company.


American Stainless Tubing, Inc. (ASTI) manufactures its ornamental structural stainless steel tubing to ASTM specification A-554, which covers round, square, rectangular, and specialty shaped stainless steel tubing for use in mechanical applications where appearance, mechanical properties, or corrosion resistance is necessary.


Diehl Steel is a Master Distributor of tool steel, alloy steel, powder metal products, including CPM (Crucible Particle Metal) Products, mold steel, carbon steel​,​ stainless steel​ ​and aluminum​​.​ To complement its extensive inventory, Diehl Steel offers numerous time saving value-added services: State-of-the-Art Cutting, Machining Centers, Blanchard Grinding, and ​Accu-SquareTM (pre-squared flats and blocks – Flat, Squared and Parallel)​, and ​Precision Ground Products to satisfy your most exacting tolerances.

Hendrick Manufacturing

Hendrick Manufacturing Company of Carbondale, Pennsylvania was founded in 1876 (“The First Perforator“). Hendrick is a leading manufacturer of Perforated Metal Products and perforates virtually any metal, selected plastics, and paper products. Thickness ranges from foil to 3/4″plate depending upon the material. Hendrick perforates strip, sheet, plate, pre-cut pieces, coil, and coil to coil. Holes are offered in Round, Square, Slotted, Hexagonal, and in many other Custom Shapes. Open Area Percentages (OA%) from just under 5% to as much as 79% can be engineered into your part, depending upon the hole shape, size, and material thickness. Perforated product can be offered in various stages of completion from raw material to a finished part ready for further assembly.


Hollaender Manufacturing Company of Cincinnati, Ohio is the ​O​riginator and​ ​​Predominant global innovator and P​roducer of the​ ​​S​lip-on structural fitting. The product enters Hollaender‘s foundry as prime, domestic aluminum-magnesium ingot and exits as ​your ​finished part.