Hollaender Manufacturing Company

Cincinnati, Ohio,  USA
Toll Free: 800-772-8800
Fax: 800-772-8806
e-mail: Sales@hollaender.com
Website: www.hollaender.com
Primary Contact: Ellen Harris, ellenh@hollaender.com

Hollaender Manufacturing Company is the world leader in the innovation, design and production of slip-on structural fittings.

Why  Hollaender?

  • All Hollaender products and systems are manufactured with pride in the U.S.A
  • Hollaender pours only prime, domestic Almag 535 ingot (and has been doing so for more than 70 years).
    • Almag 535 is a most corrosion resistant cast aluminum alloy having been salt spray tested to 1000 hours.
    • Almag 535 can be used with various dissimilar metals including mill finished aluminum and anodized aluminum: stainless steel: galvanized steel: and painted and powder coated steel
  • Proprietary (made exclusively for Hollaender) set screws (available as zinc plated steel and T-302 stainless steel) afford unmatched holding power with 360 degree of surface contact.
  • Hollaender offers superlative Customer Service
    • Experienced, knowledgeable Inside sales support
    • In-house engineering support
    • Regional Field Sales Managers
  • Hollaender offers the world’s most complete selection of slip-on structural fittings.
  • Hollaender offer’s appurtenant component parts-these products can be “Systemized”.
  • Hollaender has a Minimum Order of only $100.00 Net.
  • Hollaender’s products have been both time and field tested in many challenging venues and Environments:
    • Launch Pads at Kennedy Space Center, Florida
    • Offshore drilling platforms
    • Petrochemical plants worldwide
    • Theme and amusement parks
    • Stadiums
    • U.S. Army Corps. Of Engineers projects
    • City, County, State, and Federal construction projects

Why Hollaender? Use Your Imagination!

“The Fitting Way” To Build With Pipe! Thank You For Choosing Hollaender.

For immediate service, please call Hollaender directly at 800-772-8800.