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Hendrick Architectural Company:
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Hendrick Screen Company:
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Hendrick Metal Products:
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Welcome to the Hendrick Family; Hendrick Manufacturing Company, Hendrick Architectural Products, Hendrick Screen Company, and Hendrick Metal Products. Each is ISO 9001-2008 Certified and dedicated to providing cutting-edge metal solutions.

Hendrick Manufacturing Company

The original Company, Hendrick Manufacturing Company, was established in 1876 in Carbondale, Pennsylvania, (situated about 10 miles from Scranton, PA) by founder, Eli Hendrick.

Not afraid to take risks, as a young man Eli Hendrick served as a Pony Express courier in the Iowa Territory and was always alert to new opportunities. Eli Hendrick recognized the value in perforating sheet metal for the developing oil and coal industries in Pennsylvania. Separating-screens and filters had formerly been constructed of wire interwoven into cloth and canvas. After limited use the wire abraded and pierced the canvas, creating tears and holes which greatly reduced its separating and sorting abilities.

Mr. Hendrick initially devised a method of drilling individual holes in sheets of metal by using a battery of drill presses. He improved upon his concept by simultaneously punching holes in the metal by means of a die-set with multiple punches and the concept of efficient metal perforation was born. His patent for this innovation is on display in the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. and has served as the pilot for the modern day all-across press.

The functionality of perforated metal was quickly seized upon. Industries range from aggregate to aerospace, food production to waste disposal, power generation to acoustics, wherever perforated materials are needed to achieve their objectives.

Hendrick Screen Company

Hendrick Screen Company was founded as a separate entity in Owensboro, Kentucky, in 1974 to manufacture profile screens for the oil and coal industries in West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Today, Hendrick Screen Company serves thousands of customers domestically and internationally, exporting its products to more than 35 countries. Today, Hendrick Screen Company is the only American manufacturer producing the full complement of wedge wire, profile wire, and looped wire screens under one roof. Hendrick‘ s wire screens are available in a variety of materials, sizes, shapes, patterns, and open areas. Screens can be fabricated from stainless steel, titanium, copper nickel, and other corrosive and heat resistant alloys in any quantity from 1 to many thousands. There is no minimum and no limit.

Hendrick Screen Company serves Water Intake, Waste Water, Fishery, Petrochemical, Pulp and Paper, Food and Beverage, Agriculture, Original Equipment Manufacturers, among other industries, and most recently, Architectural.

Several years ago, Hendrick Screen Company saw the need to accommodate the burgeoning Architectural market which had discovered Custom Profile Wire Screens and Wedge Wire Screens. Working hand-in-hand with Architects and Designers, Hendrick offers the highest quality custom profile screens for both practical and decorative applications.

Hendrick Architectural Company

Hendrick Architectural Company was formed several years ago in Carbondale, Pennsylvania, to seamlessly interweave the tried and true functionality of perforated metals with the aesthetic and environmental promise of evolving green technologies.

Operating from Carbondale, Pennsylvania, out of the same facility as Hendrick Manufacturing Company, in-house architects and engineers draw expertise from a history of Innovation, manufacturing and production spanning more than 130 years.

Hendrick Architectural Company develops perforated metals to:

  • Conserve energy by protecting buildings from direct sunlight
  • Modernize the facades of outdated buildings
  • Conceal rooftop appliances or garbage receptacles from public view
  • Prevent life threatening “blind spots” within parking garages and other public areas
  • Portray a company’s image with elegant, unique signage
  • Shield patrons from the elements with perforated metal rain screens
  • Protect against slips and falls by strategically-placed entrance grilles and grating
  • Dress up board rooms and interior offices with custom laser-cut wall panels or distinctive “Metal-Art“.

Hendrick Architectural Products can help you achieve LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) credits and certification.

Hendrick Metal Products

Should you determine that your engineering department would benefit from assistance in moving fabricated metal product from the planning room to the production floor, Hendrick Metal Products of Elgin, Illinois may afford an attractive option. Drawing upon more than 130 years of experience gained by the Hendrick Companies in working with perforated metal and sheet metal, Hendrick Metal Products may be able to lend a hand by supplying you with prototypes and pre-production short runs or even help you to reverse engineer an existing product.

Situated in the Chicago area, in the heart of the industrial Midwest, Hendrick Metal Products has proximity to some of the most qualified anodizing, heat treating, painting, plating, polishing, and other value-added service providers in the world. Dissatisfied with any of your Key Sources? Let the relationships that Hendrick has built over generations work for you in your time of need.

For immediate service, please call Hendrick Metal Products directly at one of the numbers above.