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Troutman, NC,  USA
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American Stainless Tubing, Inc. (ASTI) manufactures its ornamental stainless steel tubing to ASTM Specification A-554, which governs round, square, rectangular, and specialty shaped stainless steel tubing for use in structural applications where appearance, mechanical properties, or corrosion resistance is necessary.

American Stainless Tubing, Inc., Troutman, North Carolina, U.S.A., is the standard bearer for the ornamental stainless steel tubing industry.

In the 1970‘s, its three Founders formed Romac Metals, Inc., and pioneered the development of mechanically buffed, mirror-finish stainless steel tubing for furniture and marine applications. Prior to their innovation, only polished (grit) stainless steel tubing-with all of its attendant maintenance problems-had been available to ornamental stainless steel tubing users on a commercial scale.

Romac Meta, Inc. quickly became “the People to Call” for a high-quality, “mirror” surface finish. After a very successful tenure as the predominant ornamental stainless steel tubing mill in the United States, and arguably, the entire world, the Founders sold their company.

In the early twenty-first century, the three founders were again” struck by the need to do something meaningful with their lives, and American Stainless Tubing was born. Once again, ornamental stainless tubing users had a reliable, quality, service-oriented supplier.

American Stainless Tubing, Inc. acquired Romac Metals, Inc. out of bankruptcy, and today, ASTI continues to fulfill the promise of its Founders to produce the widest and deepest selection of the highest quality, defect-free ornamental stainless steel tubing available from one dependable source-offering repeatable, reliable fabricating properties-time after time after time.

To accomplish its mandate , ASTI :

  • Uses only prime, domestic stainless steel coil while maintaining the most stringent quality control standards for accepting/rejecting wide-band coil from its suppliers.
  • Offers the most complete selection of round, square, rectangular, and specialty shapes available from any stainless steel tubing mill.
  • Offers a full array of surface finishes: as-welded (2B); a full range of grit polishes from 180 grit through 320 grit; pre-buff (400 grit; Super Buff (ASTI’s” Standard mirror-finish”); ASTI’s patented Linear Buff (# 8 Finish) and ASTI‘s patented Linear Grit Polish (often used to “blend” high-end appliance handles with grit polished sheet). ASTI’s People will work with your designers and engineers to develop “the look you want” or match a surface finish which you are currently receiving from another supplier — perhaps from halfway around the world.
  • Carries a constant and expansive inventory of both wide-band coil stock And as-welded (2B) round tubing to assure short-term lead times for its valued customers. The as-welded round can then be quickly routed through one of ASTI’s two manufacturing plants where it can be polished (grit) or buffed (mirror), shaped, cut-to-length, etc., depending upon your particular material requirement.
  • Continually monitors all aspects of its operations including the meticulous maintenance of its production equipment; continuous testing, evaluation, and addition of new feedstock materials (such as cutting and color compound, buffing wheels, polishing belts, etc.) to improve ASTI’s manufactured product; intensive and ongoing employee training; and the nurturing of close, longstanding relationships with trusted vendors.
  • Offers “grassroots” support to its customers through a national network of Independent Outside Sales Representatives, most of whom have been associated with ASTI since its inception, and with Romac Metals, Inc., before it was acquired by ASTI.
  • Offers longer lengths of stainless steel tubing than are typically stocked and sold by the Industry and cut-to-length pieces and optimum lengths to save its customers fabrication and handling expenses and help to reduce unnecessary scrap.
  • Provides engineering and manufacturing expertise to its customers so that they may offer new and improved stainless steel tubing solutions to a world hungry for products.
  • And, above all things, ASTI values the relationships that have been built with its customers over the years and those which will be developed with its new customers for generations to come.

ASTI has a history of quality and service stretching back three generations and a mission to live up to that promise.

Thank you for giving American Stainless Tubing, Inc. the opportunity to be of service to you, your company, and your people. We are honored.

For immediate service, please call American Stainless directly at (800) 908-8823.