About Wieand

About Wieand Manufacturer’s Representative

Thank You for visiting Wieandrep.com. This website is dedicated to you, the Customer.

The purpose of this site is to guide you toward a select group of American manufacturers and suppliers whose reason for being is to serve as a valuable resource for you and your company.

My name is Bill Wieand. I have been a Manufacturer’s Representative since 1983, with a focus upon the metalworking industry. I have learned much during my 29 years of service to customers like you. Above all, I have come to understand and appreciate the value of strong, long term relationships.

You may have noticed that this website shares my last name. I have thought long and hard about that decision and it was not made lightly. I resolved to entitle this website as a tribute to my father, Kenneth F. Wieand, Sr. who dedicated his adult years to the metalworking industry in Florida. First, as the manager of a stainless steel distributor in south Florida, where he helped found the Florida Chapter of the Steel Service Center Institute (SSCI) and served as its first president, and later — until his passing — as a Manufacturer’s Representative for several highly regarded American manufacturers.

It is my hope that you will be well served by the companies previewed on this site and that the customer care, support and the products they offer will contribute to your success and that of your company and its people.

I am at your service.


Bill Wieand, President